Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport: The Gateway to Turkey

Istanbul Airport, also known as Istanbul Havalimani, is the primary international airport serving Istanbul, Turkey. The airport was opened in 2018 and is located on the European side of Istanbul, near the Black Sea coast. It is the largest airport in Turkey and one of the largest airports in the world, with a capacity of over 200 million passengers per year. In this blog, we will explore the features, facilities, and services of Istanbul Airport.

Features of Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport is a state-of-the-art airport designed to provide a comfortable and convenient travel experience for passengers. The airport has a total of four terminals, with the main terminal being the largest. The other three terminals are dedicated to cargo, general aviation, and private aircraft.

One of the standout features of Istanbul Airport is its modern design, which incorporates Turkish cultural elements into the airport’s architecture. The airport features spacious concourses, high ceilings, and natural light, creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for passengers.

Facilities at Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport offers a wide range of facilities and amenities to ensure a comfortable and convenient travel experience for passengers. These include:

  1. Shopping and Dining: Istanbul Airport has a wide range of shops, restaurants, cafes, and bars, offering passengers a variety of options to choose from. The airport features both international and local brands, providing passengers with a taste of Turkish culture.
  2. Lounges: Istanbul Airport lounges for passengers to relax in before their flight. These lounges offer comfortable seating, complimentary food and drinks, and a range of other amenities.
  3. Duty-Free Shopping: Istanbul Airport has a duty-free area where passengers can purchase a range of tax-free goods, including electronics, perfume, and souvenirs.
  4. Prayer Rooms: Istanbul Airport has several prayer rooms for passengers to use, providing a quiet and peaceful space for prayer and reflection.
  5. Children’s Play Areas: Istanbul Airport has dedicated children’s play areas, providing entertainment for children during layovers or delays.
  6. Medical Services: Istanbul Airport has medical centers and pharmacies, providing medical services for passengers in case of an emergency.

Services at Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport offers a range of services to ensure a smooth and hassle-free travel experience for passengers. These services include:

  1. Meet and Greet Services: Istanbul Airport meet and greet services, where a representative meets passengers at the gate and assists them with immigration and customs procedures.
  2. Baggage Services: Istanbul Airport has a baggage storage facility, where passengers can store their luggage for a fee. The airport also offers baggage wrapping services to protect luggage during transport.
  3. Transport Services: Istanbul Airport has several transportation options for passengers, including taxis, buses, and private transfers. The airport also has a metro station, providing easy access to the city center.
  4. Wi-Fi: Istanbul Airport offers free Wi-Fi throughout the airport, allowing passengers to stay connected and browse the internet.


Istanbul Airport is a world-class airport that offers a range of facilities, amenities, and services to ensure a comfortable and convenient travel experience for passengers. With its modern design, cultural elements, and range of facilities, Istanbul Airport is a gateway to Turkey that welcomes passengers from all over the world. Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, Istanbul Airport is a great starting point for your journey to Turkey, offering a warm welcome and a comfortable travel experience.

Istanbul Airport

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