The all-time passenger record was broken at Istanbul Airport

While 252 thousand 364 passengers were traveling on the thousand 593 flights that took place at Istanbul Airport yesterday, the all-time passenger record was broken in the number of daily passengers in the history of Turkish civil aviation. Istanbul Airport, Turkey’s largest border crossing to the world and the busiest airport in Europe, has reached […]

About 1.5 million aircraft used Istanbul Airport in 4.5 years

October 29, 2018, officially opened Istanbul Airport, served 209 million 796 thousand 527 passengers in the Decembertime. he used about 1.5 million airplanes in 4.5 years According to the information compiled by AA correspondent, 775 planes landed and took off from Istanbul Airport, which is used by 95 thousand 205 passengers, on October 29, 2018, […]

Holiday intensity at Istanbul Airport

At Istanbul Airport, there is a lot of activity due to citizens who want to go to their hometown and on vacation after the completion of the 2022-2023 academic semester. Due to the beginning of the holiday for students and teachers and the upcoming Eid al-Adha, mobility has also increased at the airports in Istanbul. […]

IGA employees met at the ’Skywalkers’ event

The ‘Skywalkers’ event organized by Istanbul Airport operator IGA took place with the theme ‘We are the Guests’. During the two-day event, information contests, panels and workshops were organized within the scope of the IGA Istanbul Airport employees’ special motivation event. At the event, where music groups took the stage, employees had pleasant moments with […]

Gold bullion operation at Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Security Directorate Istanbul Airport Branch Directorate teams caught a total of 19 kilograms of gold bullion and a large number of mobile phones and technological products that were intended to be smuggled into Turkey on different dates. The operation moments were reflected on the security cameras at the airport. In the first operation carried […]

The Final Match Brought a Record to Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport The record was broken due to the “UEFA Champions League” in the number of daily flights and passengers of Istanbul Airport. It was reported by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation that IGA Istanbul Airport broke the all-time air traffic record with 1594 landings and takeoffs the previous day due to the UEFA […]

Istanbul Airport was named the “Best Airport in the World”

Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya announced that Istanbul Airport was selected as the “Best Airport in the World” by the readers of the travel magazine Conde Nast Traveler…. Governor Yerlikaya, in a statement from his social media account, noted the following: “Don’t let the evil eye touch. IGA Istanbul Airport was selected as the ‘Best Airport […]

Istanbul Airport has reached 200 million passengers

Istanbul Airport IGA Istanbul Airport has announced that it will host its 200 millionth passenger tomorrow. In this context, it was stated that a ceremony will be held at the airport. Istanbul Airport, which started its service on October 29, 2018, reaches 200 million passengers. In a statement made by the airport’s operator IGA, it […]

How many million tourists did Turkey host in the first 3 months?

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced the number of visitors to Turkey in March and in the first 3 months of the year. According to the data announced by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the number of visitors to Turkey in March increased by 11 percent compared to the same month of the […]

Voting process has started at Istanbul Airport

After the voting process of Turkish citizens living abroad for the presidential and 28th parliamentary general elections started at 08.00, voting operations also started at Istanbul Airport. Would you like to take advantage of our Istanbul Airport buggy car service? You can make a reservation by contacting us.

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