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IGA employees met at the ’Skywalkers’ event

The ‘Skywalkers’ event organized by Istanbul Airport operator IGA took place with the theme ‘We are the Guests’. During the two-day event, information contests, panels and workshops were organized within the scope of the IGA Istanbul Airport employees’ special motivation event. At the event, where music groups took the stage, employees had pleasant moments with […]

The Final Match Brought a Record to Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport The record was broken due to the “UEFA Champions League” in the number of daily flights and passengers of Istanbul Airport. It was reported by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation that IGA Istanbul Airport broke the all-time air traffic record with 1594 landings and takeoffs the previous day due to the UEFA […]

Some reasons to travel to Turkey

Some reasons to travel to Turkey 1. Most of the best attractions are completely free. Discover the sensory overload of Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar. Look up to see the intricate tile work of the Blue Mosque. Admire the three-meter-high baklava in the lively shop windows on Istiklal Street. or visit the beaches of the Mediterranean coast, […]

Istanbul Airport Fast Track

Time to fly and worried about getting through a busy international airport? You may be wondering how to deal with terminal gates, documentation processes, long security lines and finding your luggage. don’t worry To make your journey smooth, you need a reliable airport VIP istanbul airport fast track service. Arrival Speed ​​Call Service Book our […]

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