Some reasons to travel to Turkey

Some reasons to travel to Turkey 1. Most of the best attractions are completely free. Discover the sensory overload of Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar. Look up to see the intricate tile work of the Blue Mosque. Admire the three-meter-high baklava in the lively shop windows on Istiklal Street. or visit the beaches of the Mediterranean coast, from beautiful Bodrum to turtle-infested Iztuzu; From crazy British Fethiye to remote Patara; Antalya, rich resorts, endless sandy plains of Alanya. You are not used to reading. 2. There is another world: Cappadocia is completely out of this world. Star Wars meets the soft, rocky landscape of The Flintstones in an incredible journey. Walk far enough in any direction and you’ll find rock churches decorated with frescoes dating back nearly 1,000 years. Istanbul Airport has many passenger facilities like Istanbul Airport Meet and Assist service, Istanbul Airport Lounge or Istanbul airport fast track.

3. You can follow the annual migration of Turkish “mountaineers” to greener pastures. In the villages of the deep valley of the Black Sea region of Turkey, the beginning of summer means bringing cattle to the mountains to eat the fresh and pure meadows of that spring. You can see this seasonal tradition culminate with the Vartofor Festival in July, when people celebrate by playing an instrument similar to a Scottish bagpipe. . Turkish cuisine is being reinvented thanks to young and trendy chefs. Fresh, flavorful ingredients have always been at the heart of ‘s Turkish cuisine, but the country’s new generation of chefs has turned the tradition into an obsession, chasing Turkey’s best local produce.

About Kitchen

5. The locals welcome you to their kitchen.Want to know what’s in Kaftari? The waiter will happily take you into the kitchen to meet the chef. 6. Drinking tea is not too hot even in summer. Turkish coffee may be world famous, but for modern Turks, drinking tea is second only to breathing. Start each day with at least two small glasses of Tulip Reef and drink until bedtime. Large offices and factories employ one person to prepare and deliver tea, and employees are allowed to drink tea during breaks. Regional buses offer free tea service. Some street corners have intercom command lines installed with the nearest caviar.

7. You might not think about it, but Turkey also has waves. None of Turkey’s coasts touch the open sea, but in Alanya on the Mediterranean and Kolbe on the Black Sea, mad Turks ride the waves. Alanya Surf Team and Danube Surf House and Academy are two small communities where you will learn that there is a certain subculture of Turks who check the weather forecast and get into a car every time they want to go to the city in search of the secluded coast where the waves they change and are short. from. 8. Turkish ice cream does not melt too quickly. Maraş dondurması is made from the sapling, a flower extracted from the tubers of an orchid, creating a marshmallow-like candy that melts at a controlled rate. So slow, you can do what the locals do and order it sandwiched between kağıt helva waffles. You can find it all over the country, but you can also go straight to the source: Maraş, a small town in southern Turkey famous for producing this Turkish version of the ultimate summer treat.

And Last Reason

9. You can do your blue tour. TheGulet is a two- or three-masted sailing vessel that traditionally sails to the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, especially around Bodrum and Marmaris. In the mid-20th century, sailing cruises became popular with local and visiting artists and writers, and today there is no shortage of Blue Voyage operators who can take you on multi-day cruises aboard what appear to be hotels floating boutiques, in pure turquoise landscapes. If you would like to use Istanbul Airport Services, please reach us to get Istanbul Airport Meet & Greet service.

Some reasons to travel to Turkey

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